How Does Gift App Work?

Basics of Gift App

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The Gift App is a platform where creators can curate their dream Wishlist of desired items. These gifts can be absolutely anything that the creators need or want. Their supporters can make those wishes come true by funding them.

To get started, here is how you can create your Wishlist. Creators can also share the Gift page on any social media channels and let their supporters know about their wishes with just a click.

How can a supporter purchase a gift?

If you're a fan of a creator and you want to offer them some serious support, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Pick a gift from the Wishlist you wish to gift to your creator.

  2. Add your name (optional), email address, and a Gift message to make it look more personal.

  3. Confirm and fund in just one click.

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