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What items are prohibited on my Wishlist?
What items are prohibited on my Wishlist?

Description on a list of items that you cannot add as a gift.

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While we want you to be able to receive most of the things you desire, there are certain items that cannot be added to your Wishlist. To ensure a smooth experience on Gift App please follow these guidelines for Wishlist items.

Prohibited items

  • The Gift App does not allow users to list the following items as gifts:

    • Alcoholic beverages

    • Tobacco products, including bongs or water pipes

    • THC-containing products, such as cannabis-related items

    • Firearms, air rifles, BB guns, or other weapons

    • Illegally imported or exported items that are counterfeit.

    • Live animals

    • Other prohibited or illegal items

  • The Gift App cannot make hotel or travel arrangements.

  • In most cases, gift cards, including Amazon gift cards, cannot be purchased, unless available through the Gift App dashboard (limited to specific countries).

  • You cannot sell services or goods on your Wishlist.

  • Avoid using Wishlist item names that don't make sense in the context of gifting or tipping.

Additional Guidelines

  • Do not use demeaning or adult words in your gift titles.

  • Gifts or profile images with nudity or implied nudity, such as covered private parts, are not allowed.

  • Graphic items depicting lewd nudity are prohibited.

  • Avoid words related to drugs, weapons, explicit sessions, deposits, or gaming, as they may imply a service exchange.

  • Item titles containing graphic words are not allowed.

We hope these guidelines help you understand the restrictions in place to ensure a safe and compliant experience on Gift App. Please note that violating these restrictions may result in the loss of access to Gift App services. If you have any questions or uncertainties about whether an item is allowed on your Wishlist, please don't hesitate to contact our team at [email protected].

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