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Do wishers see the name/payment information of the gifters?
Do wishers see the name/payment information of the gifters?

What information of the gifters are visible and how to hide them?

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When a supporter wants to buy a gift for their favourite creator on Gift App, they select the desired gift and proceed with the payment. The next step involves entering the necessary details. However, whether the wisher (the person receiving the gift) can see the name and payment information of the gifter (the person purchasing the gift) depends on how the details are entered during this step.

The image shown above represents the modal that appears when the gifter enters the payment process.

  • If you enter your name on the payment screen, the person receiving the gift will be able to see your name.

  • But if you don't enter your name, they won't know who the gift is from.

  • Rest assured, the person receiving the gift won't have access to any of your other payment details.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and secure gift-giving process while maintaining privacy for everyone involved.


  • If you're logged in as a Gift App user or using an associated email address, your name may be visible to the person receiving the gift, even if you don't enter it.

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